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Kunzite by Venus-Snatch-Trap Kunzite :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 2 0 Self Insert Portrait by Venus-Snatch-Trap Self Insert Portrait :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 0 2 Morgan Portrait by Venus-Snatch-Trap Morgan Portrait :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 2 0 Sadface'd Wren by Venus-Snatch-Trap Sadface'd Wren :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 0 3 Moar Crap on Muro by Venus-Snatch-Trap Moar Crap on Muro :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 1 3 Paranoia by Venus-Snatch-Trap Paranoia :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 1 1 Blue Eyes by Venus-Snatch-Trap Blue Eyes :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 1 0 Cartoony Blonde by Venus-Snatch-Trap Cartoony Blonde :iconvenus-snatch-trap:Venus-Snatch-Trap 0 0

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Deidara/Reader - Bound to You
Deidara/Reader - Bound to You
Author's Note: This is a short song one-shot I made for Deidara, cuz I love the explosive blondie. The song is from the movie Burlesque and is sung by Christina Aguilera. Here's a link to the song on Youtube -

Sweet love, sweet love, trapped in your love

I've opened up, unsure I can trust
My heart and I were buried in dust
Free me, free us
You're all I need when I'm holding you tight
If you walk away I will suffer tonight
I found a man I can trust and boy, I believe in us
I am terrified to love for the first time
Can't you see that I'm bound in chains?
I've finally found
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 124 17
Deidara X Reader ~ Masks
“Do you think we’ll be on the same team, un?” The young blond asks, swinging high as the two of you spend your final evening as Iwagakure academy students at a big playground in the village, remaining after all the other kids have gone home.
“I don’t know, maybe?” You don’t have the same enthusiasm as Deidara, who’s standing on his swing to reach even greater heights, while you sway only slightly on your own.
“Maybe?” Deidara drops into a sit and skids to a stop. “Is something wrong ________, un?”  He asks, only now picking up on how different from your usual self you are. It causes him to look over at you with a little concern now. You don’t look back at him, but shake your head with an unconvincing sigh.
“You’re worried?” Your body freezes now as you feel your close friend’s arms wrap around you from behind. Before you can recover from this and answer, Deidara’s already co
:iconakatsuki-rabbit:Akatsuki-Rabbit 55 6
New Dad (Deidara x Reader) Part 2
It takes a lot of convincing, but somehow Deidara manages to talk Sasori into looking after Shou so that he can be right there with you as you give birth to his daughter, just like he had been when you brought his son into the world.
Maybe he’d have liked to say the experience was less stressful for the both of you this time around, but it really wasn’t less painful for you than it had been the first time. Still, with both you and Shou a big part of his life now, there was no way Deidara was going to walk out on you at all this time around.
“Can I see her?” Shou asks, running across the hospital ward to where you and his dad are with his new baby sister. A much less enthusiastic Sasori walks behind him.
Deidara looks over at your sleeping figure, but guesses it will be okay to introduce the siblings without disturbing you.
“You remember how to hold her, un?” Shou reaches out for the girl eagerly as Deidara very carefully passes her to him, but the bo
:iconakatsuki-rabbit:Akatsuki-Rabbit 56 9
New Dad (Deidara x Reader) Part 1
“How’s he going to take this?” You sigh to yourself as that thought crosses your mind. You’ve been sat on the sofa in your small apartment for the last hour with your hand on your stomach as you look down at it with a troubled expression.
You’d guessed Deidara would be late when you called him over, but this was something you really felt the two of you needed to talk about face to face. With how focused he always is on art, he’s never given any indication that he ever wants a kid...
“Hey, un.” You jump as the blond sits down next to you. “I did knock.” He smirks at your startled reaction to seeing him, not picking up on how distracted you were. When you look into his eyes briefly only to quickly return your gaze downwards, he starts to guess something might be up however.
“What’s wrong, un?” He asks as he rests his head against your shoulder to look down at... whatever it is you seem to be.
“Um, I don
:iconakatsuki-rabbit:Akatsuki-Rabbit 73 12
Zetsu X Reader - Independence
“She’s going off on her own again.” The dark side of the plant-man observes as you set off from the bickering artists to complete the mission Pain has assigned your group without them. “Leader’s not going to like this.” White Zetsu adds as they disappear into the trees they emerged from.
It isn’t to go and inform the Akatsuki Leader of you leaving the group without even clarifying where you’re going that Zetsu’s setting out to do though. They’re following to watch you successfully complete the mission as always seems to be the case when you set out to do so. They smile to themselves, staying so quiet as they watch your impressive battles with the enemy ninja. It may be a rare occurrence for them to stay silent while doing this, but their reasons soon become clear once the last ninja has fallen before you.
Your fist clenches, shaking with some anger as you turn to face the plant-man directly, instantly knowing where they are. Z
:iconakatsuki-rabbit:Akatsuki-Rabbit 47 3
Kisame X Reader - Friendship
“It’s nice to finally fight someone who can keep up with me.” Kisame grins as he blasts some more water sharks your way. As his words suggest, you swiftly dodge the attack. You’re sparring with the shark-man as you usually do; the other Akatsuki members don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm when it comes to just fighting, and not setting out to kill.
“What about Itachi?” You ask, jumping out of the way of a torrent of water this time. It would be good to know that there’s some practice behind all of that power of his, rather than just him naturally being so much stronger than you. Even though the two of you have become friends, that sort of makes you jealous.
“Well...” Kisame starts, stopping in his attacks for the moment. He wonders if it’s going to be okay to tell you this stuff without asking his partner first. “He is stronger than me, but in different ways. He doesn’t have as much stamina as I do... mayb
:iconakatsuki-rabbit:Akatsuki-Rabbit 70 12
Tobi X Reader - Writer's Block
“... What’s _______ doing?” You almost jumped out of your skin hearing that instantly recognisable voice from the orange masked man behind you. You scramble to hide the papers you have scattered all over your desk as Tobi watches you, head tilted to the side.
“Nothing!” You yell, but it looks like not even Tobi’s going to accept that answer as he continues to stare at you with childish curiousity.  “... Fine.” You sigh, relieving a little of the tension that you had built up. “If you must know, I was writing a story.” Tobi squeals in delight and starts to ask if he can read it, before you cut him off. “Or at least I would be... I can’t think of anything to write.” You admit, kicking one of the screwed up paper balls littering the floor.
Maybe you’re really not cut out for this artsy stuff, but it still intrigues you. You kind of do want to be a part of what the Akatsuki artists have going on; they
:iconakatsuki-rabbit:Akatsuki-Rabbit 60 1
Kisame X Reader - Haircut
“________. It’s...” Honestly Kisame can’t find the words to describe it. He wants to go out and brutally murder the one who did this to you, but even he has to admit that might be overreacting a little. Still, he’d rushed straight to you when he found out what had happened.
“It’s just a haircut Kisame.” You laugh a little at the shark-man’s loss for words. “... Don’t you like it?” You ask afterwards when he still appears to be rendered speechless.
“No-I mean yes.” He quickly clarifies. There’s an awkward silence between the two of you, then Kisame leaves the room.
It really isn’t that Kisame doesn’t like your new haircut. It’s just a big thing for the guy to get used to. He’s always liked long hair. Sure it might not suit him, but it looks good on his partner Itachi and it used to look amazing on you... not that you don’t look amazing without it.
:iconakatsuki-rabbit:Akatsuki-Rabbit 66 9
Work of Art [SasorixReader]
“If you look closely at a tree, you’ll notice its knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go hand in hand.”
~Matthew Fox
You looked into the mirror, abhorring, loathing, despising your own body. You spotted all of your little imperfections, ranging from the minor to major flaws. You didn’t have the perfect curves you wanted. Your weight was far off from where you wanted it to be. And your face? Riddled with faults, not even close to being adequate in terms of beauty.
You just couldn’t stand it. You didn’t see how or why Sasori, your fiancé, had the desire to soon marry you. You were disgusted by your own looks, yet he never seemed to be affected by your appearance.
“Maybe he’s just into ugly girls…” you thought skeptically.
As you stared into the mirror more and more, and hated yourself more and more, you began to think. Why? Why were you stuck with this horrid b
:iconroxiiroxas:RoxiiRoxas 40 9
Finished (DeathXReader) OneShot

"The kid worries me,” (F/N) stared blankly into space avoiding all eye contact. Her hand slowly balled into a fist without her notice, a natural symptom of hatred. “He can’t be trusted damn it. That witch is probably still controlling him.” Her eyes narrowed as she turned to face Death. “If he stays at the academy we’re putting all of the students at risk.”
“Now, now,” Death clasped his hands together in a joyful manor tilting his head to the side in the process. “Don’t you think you’re being just a bit harsh? After all he is only a child, and he hasn’t attempted to do anything so far. What makes you so certain he will harm us?”
(F/N) scoffed at what she believed was pure ignorance, “He is Medusa’s son, a witches experiment. Why the hell wouldn’t he try something!” She shouted with tears in her eyes. “The bitch tried to kill you! Don
:iconceepcalmandeat:ceepcalmandeat 31 15
Mature content
Yandere!Kaneki x Fem!Reader x Brotherly!Tsukiyama :icontheoddreader:TheOddReader 102 24
Spontaneous (Naruto x reader)
 It was sudden and unexpected, one of his tan arms hooking beneath her knees, the other wrapping around her shoulders as he lifted her up. She was speechless, she didn't know what to say. One minute she was sitting in the hospital bed, trying to recover from the events of last week, and the next he was whisking her away like some kind of knight in shining armor.
 "N-Naruto?" She questioned reluctantly, wrapping her (s/c) arms around his neck for fear of falling as he jumped up onto the window sill. He looked down at her, giving her a goofy and cheesy grin in reply.
 "(Y/n), let's go get some ramen!"
 She was unsure if she was pissed off or over joyed by his statement. He wanted to disobey Tsunade's instructions, break out of the hospital, and risk getting scolded and probably hit by the older woman for ramen? If it where not for his ever present sweetness, she'd probably slap Naruto right now.
 He jumped skillfully from the window sill
:iconriseagainstevil:riseagainstevil 31 2
Jareth x Reader
Jareth x Reader
You hated their visits.  Everything would be going so nicely in your life and then bam! They’d turn up and all your insecurities would come rushing back.  Nothing you did was ever enough, “Oh, you’ve finished your course?  So and so has just enrolled in a new course and their life can only get better.”
Your mum stood up for you but today’s visit was the worst and you snuck away about halfway through the visit.  You doubted they’d noticed that you’d gone – probably still talking about someone who supposedly shines brighter than the universe itself.
You were about to flop onto your bed and pull out one of your favourite books when you noticed that instead of your mirror reflecting you, a man was on the other side.
He had mismatched eyes and was dressed like a medieval prince.
“I believe I should be referred to as a medieval king and not one of your human kings either.”
The mirror rippled,
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 294 52
The Spinning World [Reader x Thief King Bakura 3]
Bakura stared into the empty room, anger burning in his eyes. He had been fooled. He felt no surprise, only contempt. He stepped inside. Only a bare bed, an overturned chair, and a small vanity were there. Had you ever even been here? He touched the worn wood of the vanity, closing his eyes.
He hadn't seen the scene an hour ago, when you had been dragged out in a hurry. He hadn't seen you try to resist, try for once to fight back. You were starting to get brave, wanting to fight to get away and stay alive rather than just deal with the bare minimum. They overpowered you easily and you were gone.
At first, the only thing that reassured him was a small, barely-there trace of perfume in the air. He had to believe that it had been you. Bakura opened his eyes and looked down. There was something carved into the wood under his hand. A "W" had been crudely scratched in. A very tiny, sly smile crossed his face. Only you could find a way to do this. He turned and walked out of the room. When he
:iconthe-tidecaller:the-tidecaller 21 3
Mature content
OHSHC x Reader-I Hate You!... Don't I? - Kyoya :iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 133 14
Mature content
OHSHC x Reader-I Hate You!... Don't I? - Mori :iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 92 9




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